It’s All Happening

All the motion

Is forward swirling


Like The Rio

Or major sea-o

Go with the flow

Too rocky, hit the shore

Go back in for a little more

Stead fast cuz the true test

Is in the eye of the storm so look your best

Find a v to drift through there go the clouds

Drifting in the motion of forward out loud

Singing all the way

Treading water come what may

The truth is we all have to misbehave

To correct the commotion of a huge wave

Steady, slow, cool

Find the right tool

Every motion will conspire a new hunt

Be it treasure, or flying, or an unheard of stunt

Change the world in a moment and see the ways

Snap out of the please and thank you daze

Remember what I am heading towards

Protected by some sacred swords

Not really knowing

How we first started growing

Could be the best part

Instead of remembering the start

If we could manifest

An un-impossible quest

Of figuring out the next piece

Learn from the past and then release

Listen to the knowledge of the future speak

It is all happening all the time

Sit still too long and the hallucination will drive you to a crazy mind


child photographer




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