First Of The What

As it all begins

Something has to end

While the new world spins

There is no space to pretend

How will it be possible

To act oblivious to this

There is always a chance that we’ll

Find that perfectly serene bliss

Laughing and smiling

Feels like the purpose here

Then there is unwinding

That makes reality clear

Express the greatest truth

How can a moment be so lame

There is a necessity to be  uncouth

When everyone passes the blame

Shoot from the hip when it really matters

Open up the floodgates to a dictated dam

Been ignoring their game cuz I’m playing mad hatter

Sipping on tea while the world spins around me

Waiting for a rabbit and a late companion to arrive

There is no chance once we are deemed unruly

Reach for what is important to truly be alive

baby thinking


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