No Concept of Fear

Seeing what others go through

Can be beyond an eye opener

We sit on a cushy bed watching a movie

While others have no freedom or hope in their


Is it all lies

I see how they despise

The exploitation they see about us

We are not all the same

Some of us scream and cuss

At the lameness of the hollywood game


Turned into a hex

What could possibly be next

Show me something real

It is only what I feel

Nothing from a movie reel


With no voice inflection

Numb to any direction

Obsessed with a false protection

The walls of a home

Stop so many who long to roam

Afraid of seeing the truth of our world

Continuing to let their mind be hurled


You step out into the thin

Be careful cuz the ice can break

With any risk or encounter you make

As long as you don’t let them take


Believe in something, have a goal

We won’t save the world til we save our own soul

That involves something we all hope will fill this whole

No one knows the answer entirely so let the theories roll


As you sleep warm next to an ember

We know comfort and luxury even in December

Keep the knowledge of our blessings and keep your heart tender

There are others who know no peace

Over in the middle east

And they believe we are the beast

Can you blame them, we are eating a feast


To a system so fake

Only dollars for others to make

Keep on the revolution of gathering tribes to take

A new approach

Miraculous reproach

I will always fly coach

No impressions to poach

No concept of fear

fire peace



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