This endless stream of words

Is becoming so predictably rhymed up

How comes it comes out sounding like riddles

When I am streaming the thoughts from above

Ideas swirling so fervently they dissipate

Into a dreamy kind of dance into the night

Frozen in a moment of quicksand state

Time to step back into the sight

Enter left stage here comes that ol’ gal we knew

Geez I wonder where she went for so long

Oh wait, Perhaps this is someone new

This woman is a new version of smart and strong

Execute mission happy with a vision board

My mind still needs reprogramming to the positive

Keep things moving along so they are evenly scored

Because it takes all kinds to learn how to truly live

Where do these warnings come from, fear or fate

Are visions something we already know

Seems like there is already so much on the plate

Time to plant new seeds so our own flowers grow

This predictable rhythm of writing that makes my thoughts come out

Intrigues at times and at others drives me mad

There is always space her for me to scream and shout

Expressing some of the finest eloquence I have ever had




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