Peace & Love & Understanding

Sometimes it takes the death
Of a part of me to see
My own insanity
Can be
When I simply allow the vigor of life
To run through accepting all of you
Create someone new
With every
That is
Time to let go of the old stories that caged me
My victimhood was only a story of should
Now there is only what could
Be the beautiful plan
That doesn’t
Require my hand
Only for
Me to understand
Control is not real
How is it that pain is what sparks my flow back to light
That deep reaching seems like it would come from delight
In the depths of reaching illuminated by full moon’s night
I have been this nested bird so afraid to take flight
Until I see myself
Sitting on the dusty shelf
Comes up in so many stories it’s as allusive as an elf
Because it only exists when I deny action for judgement’s dragon eyes
Hidden subtly by the jealous and competitive lies
Creeps me out that I am my own demise
Still there is time and forgiveness in hand
And a chance to progress past the need to understand
Every intention and detail of each passing man
Live and let live as I continue to stand
The unnecessary will melt away
As I fly to a new height each day
And above the old I vow I will stay
There is only better from here in every way
And it feels lighter now
Without my fists up somehow
Letting a guard down to vow
To another for a new me to unveil
Fared throughout each stormy softball sized hail
In this moment I send positivity times a million and a half
To every time I cried or got mad instead of laughed
And for every person I may have been negative to, here is love
Sorry for any version of demeaning, pushing, or a shove
I allow the white knight to defeat the dark clouds
Wanting best for everyone even when they are loud
And my hypersensitivity doesn’t know quite how to filter
I strive to send the agitation to the matter of ether
Peace love and understanding
Quit being so demanding
Now we are all on the same page
Let us enjoy the unborn sage

peace love understanding


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