Give Me Green

Lay on the rocks of the warm grey stones.
Sounds of rivers water soothe me and I am home.
Immediate red grounding visible to see.
Comforting, rooting, reintroducing me to me.
Gradual growing as orange is next revealed.
Creative adventurer spirit never stays concealed.
As the clouds move away from the almighty sun,
The warrior strength of yellow becomes the vivid one.
Then a strange thing happens as the yellow shifts.
Somehow blue illuminates, and past the green it drifts!
No, wait a minute, I’m not there yet, where is my heart?
There has to be all colors for me to make my fresh start!
Disconcerted, and out of sorts, the blue makes its purple debut.
Wait a second here purple, I am not ready for you!
Climbing into violet, I have to open my eyes…
Surrounded by green everywhere, much to my surprise.
With all the trees and leaves and moss, how can green allude my healing?
What is it that blocks my heart so, what have I been concealing?
So I get up and walk to the water, a green moss undertone.
I get my feet into the cold element, to put me in the zone.
I wander just a little bit, jumping rock to rock.
I pluck a little plant who green leaves hold a pink stock.
I know I have this in me…so I lay back down on the warming stones.
Regrouping here comes red again, I am back in the zone.
Climbing up to orange, this color feels good and solid to me.
The yellow comes in small at first, then grows as I believe I’m free.
Then a darkness as I know I won’t allow the skipping of a step.
So my hands come to my chest and my flowetry decides to add some pep.
I am ready to feel my heart be free!
I release anything holding me!
I am ready to feel my heart inside!
Green heart please come back alive!
Resuscitation of the love I knew I had.
As mossy green seeped across my view, I grew sad.
I felt old tears and began to cry.
The green faded to black and my heart went dry.
Power! Power! Power! No more tears!
I wished away all of my old fears.
Then the mossy green seeped in from below my mind’s view.
As I repeated my heart resuscitation, the green filled my heart too.
It felt so good to know I don’t have to hold onto the sadness.
Rejection is not my fault, it is part of that old crow’s badness.
As he squawked from up high, I knew he was warning.
Look out fellow darkness, her coolness is warming.
He got a friend, but there was nothing they could do.
No darkness can hold me because green loves me too.
Then a return home, and a little quail stood brave.
Holding his ground on the road that is paved.
Nourishment and protection he spoke to me without knowing.
Then I went to my friend to hear healing chimes and share growing.
I found food and drink that shifted the aching in my mind.
Shared a story and requested a tone to resonate my green find.
The love was felt strong, and a smile was happily created.
Give me green in my rainbow so this Jade will shine elated.
Green Angel


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