I Believe In Me

And that is enough

Thought someone else might

Reality proves to be rough

No one else will believe like I do

Don’t listen to the doubters

Their assumptions aren’t true

Exceed the expectation for me alone

Every day I overcome the gossip of drones

Never worried their words are discussing me

Only knowing their drama won’t set anyone free

Confidence moves me and always will

Standing strong on my own like a pie on a sill

Waiting to cool off because so much heats my core

Overwhelmed by the waiting of each evolution in store

When did it all become such an endless battle

When did the people turn into enslaved cattle

How did the optimism seep through the cracks

I’m willing it now, bringing every drop back

There is always a way as long as I listen to me

There is always a day when I will feel truly free

Write a story or two that will make a child smile

Give the energy to those who find it worthwhile

Goodness will grow if the bad is not focused on

Change will happen when I am a queen not a pawn

A common theme, but of course it is

This silly game of life can only be bliss

If I check out from the things I don’t really want to be

When I step out from the cages holding me

Listening to others doesn’t work if I want to thrive

It is my daily task to find the purpose to why I’m alive

I believe in me

Even when no one else will

I am holding the key

To each and every thrill



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