Fitting Out

Getting out

Stepping stout

Scream and shout

Does anyone hear

Is anyone near

No fear

Creating the art

Steps into the start

It can easily fall apart

Make up your mind

Why be too kind

No rewind

Flap my wings to fly

Treehouse into the sky

It is only me no you or I

Illusions are we

Especially if 3

Never debris



A gift with no measure


The foliage

Is the only companion

Who sees the compassion

And the animals feel it

Still I cannot reveal it

So I ramble before I steal shit

Like someone else’s flavor

I am my own neighbor

Don’t want to look like any of them

Or sip sorrows away til night’s end

Losing control isn’t freeing

They don’t see what I’m seeing

Why do I have to witness their souls peeing

The toxicity is rank

Sometimes enjoying the dank

When was it that my party girl sank

Ignorance was some sort of bliss

At least I was part of a circle…no…miss

Fake and phony it was always

This must be a dream of groundhog days

There all the same people just in different skin

My spirit flies free it will never fit in.john lennon quote


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