So, I was sewing

…and decided I needed a new type of closure to secure

the bags that were doing the holding and the safe stowing.

The snaps were in a way snazzy.

Still a flap somehow loses the dazzly….flash….

when it reveals too much all at once.

Then the twist of the zipper

can constantly flip her

and require




class has

bigger seats

wonder if they

have better air pressure

between their 2 sheets to the wind

which isn’t the initial end

it happens oh so






Velcro is way to abrasive on the side that has the catchy loops.

Sealing everything way too tight and never forgiving the knit fabric it doops…

Oops…is that a word? Have you heard?

Anything Goes. No plot to the shows. Keep it up as it flows….

Through you

SO much too you

See flight renew you…

Oh, of course…back to textiles.

Cuz really let’s admit it…ever since clothes happened, people have found ways to customize their life outfit

And it is softness that brings comfort and gazing…at something amazing…and it happens…hold the raisins!

So, I was sewing…

Are buttons the trick? Too hard to undo quick? Like the purse that is driving a stick?

Put the clutch in to get that button loose for some cash.

Perhaps that is great or perhaps a terrible gnash

Of the fumbling fingers and knuckles and standers by

Who think to themselves, How difficult…WHY?

Or is it smooth as a pearl dancing through silk.

All the loops look like flower petals and tilt

your head.

My mind is now dead.

Off to bed….adventurous dreams


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