Turning Point


Late Bloomer


Party Pooper

Words I lament

Sturdy Trooper

Bet your sweet ass

Super Duper

Cheesy but filled with class

Ally Ooper

Intentionally going last



Filled with resent

Not me

Looking for consent

Yes, but why

Stopped paying rent

Had to buy


Deserving of a gent

Yes, I.

Here I come to hide inside my own little world of sparkle glisten shine

I punctuate how I see fit need no hits and no more testing out the wine

No one really knows me only want to show me and hardly ever hold me

How could the sun be leaving this place is so deceiving and nothing is free

Detoxify my brain now release the chains of pain now can you see ahead

That’s curtains for the workin’ and there will be a sea of catastrophe he said

But I disagree so strongly and believe in someone wanting to share all this with me

Don’t swim away the dolphins want to play oh wait you already went your own way

Following strange girls instead of sharing my precious pearls a leaf was left for me to stay

Countless memories of sensing loathe as I excitedly wanted to betroth this gift of nature’s talk

Uncomfortable circumstance while being forced to do this dance if I wanted to take the chance

It took years but I’m speaking my piece up to capacity I must remove this smarting lance

My back won’t take another dagger my face will erase lonelinesses haggard encourage me kindly or I will scatter

To the rolling structures the mountains offered solace for me has ruptured give me something flatter

I will slowly replace

every bad memory

with a good one

and remember

my whimsy

is ok

because it is me


I no longer

need to turn and point.













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