A man of few words

There was a her.

And there was a him.

She leaped into a blur.

He thought of her as dim.

The darkness was to bright.

For her eyes to stay open long.

He told her she sounded horrible.

So she never let herself share her song.

She dove into the unknown tho she knew it well.

Some people call it bliss and some people know it as hell.

Stop talking stop thinking stop being anything that doesn’t fit.

Shut the fuck up. Move your life aside. You are unimportant and should quit.

Get your life together girl don’t you understand you are one that was put here to serve.

Quit thinking you are ready to do anything important, you have all you deserve.

Your friends don’t need to acknowledge you, they all have lives of their own.

Get back into the kitchen and clean up this mess or you will be all alone.

Think only good thoughts of me and then you will be just fine.

How dare you have an opinion, all you ever do is whine.

It is only opportunity when you do just what I say.

I like your background noise so just go and play.

No one has ever wronged you, not really.

And you are way too touchy feely.

Crazy animal whisperer type.

Afraid to have a skype.

I will punish you.

By not really caring.

By financially sharing.

The twist of you are crazy.

How about on top of that lazy.

Let’s say you are a bad mom today.

Your kid will hate you badly some day.

How dare you overlook any one detail ever.

Then pretend to be like one of us that is so clever.

You foolish miserable trigger striking monstrous beast.

I only love you when my pedestal is the ultimate eye feast.

How dare you challenge my success by succeeding yourself.

What made you think you were allowed to get off that high shelf.

I built that so you would stay put and shut your fucking face up now.

I will punish you and let you believe you are as ugly as a disgusting cow.

Making love is a tool I use for when I am ready to feel like a big strong man.

How dare you have needs or desires or thoughts of your own this is my plan.

You don’t do anything well and you are scattered all over the place all of the time.

Look how amazing I am because I walk this straight and narrow perfectly straight line.

Fuck the lines

I color outside

Fuck the straight and narrow

Zig Zag is my ride

Fuck the how could you’s

I just did, k

Fuck your insults

I see you really feel this way

Fuck your lost soul

I’m not even on your map

Fuck how you don’t care about me

I don’t need your bullshit crap

Fuck the get the fuck outs

Followed by the I love you even mores

Fuck the cover it all up

With the occasional campout and s’mores

Fuck the shut the fuck up

Mixed with a subtle I got my way again

Fuck the lover’s passion

I need a real fucking best friend.


Kahlil Gibran




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