Up to me

Going back and reading

Some of my hearts bleeding

Makes me see happiness has been treated as fleeting

When all the while it has been up to me

All along I have been technically free

Letting go of my gifts to fit in just isn’t me

And defining them is just not working

Maybe  not definable with my known words that are lurking

Looping on the old me and the same ol’ excuse and story

How did I get to a place where I bore me?

Yes at least 3 lines have ended with me, now 4

And maybe there will be like 13 more

Cuz that is who the page has turned to

Got the other stuff dialed so now question is who are you

Stop hiding behind the meal and care of another

Look into the mirror and know I AM and I AM

There is just enough peanut butter to go with this jam

Ha I caught you to see if you were paying attention

Did you wonder if a library got an honorable mention

In my education because with the obvious solution right in front of me

I have a blinder and that needs to break free

Tap into all that is motion and action and self care bliss

Remove the harness that was weighing down the heart’s cavity and tiss

Ue…Got you once again, still awake

Am I making any progress in explaining this take

Flowetry is a process of find it by writing it out kinda fluid

So get down brain and lets see if there is something congruent

That word means in agreement or harmony where I will be more fluent

Soften, and action and waiting a fraction and slowing then going and vybin’ then divin’ its a mystery when history can tell the spell still we move and we groove and there is enough in this stuff to relax

And think about sweet love

There is bliss there when it turns up

Appreciation of each other makes the world move round

Keeps us lifted on our rooted feet to spin and make our own sound

Lyrical “words are medicine” a good friend just told me

Makes me think twice about old words and know they don’t own me

Lets keep this thing congruent and let all fall in place

Only here a short while in this particular space.world-03

























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